5 key Benefits of Instagram Reels

Instagram has recently launched a new feature on its platform, where the user gets to create and upload a video of up to 15 seconds.

If you are an Instagram user, I am sure that you might have been introduced to the Reels feature. The reels feature allows you to not only post a photo and video but also you can post content creation. And I have noted 5 key benefits of Instagram Reels for you all.

But, what exactly are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new short video creation feature on Instagram. By using this feature you can create a short video of up to 15 seconds, you can add filters and music as well to your video.

The 5 key benefits of Instagram Reels are:

1.Creating quality 15 seconds of video content

Unlike Instagram stories, that lasts for about 12 seconds, Instagram reels not only allow you to upload a 15 seconds video, but also allow you to add music and filters to your content. How to handle Social media hate like a Professional.

2. Range of filters, audio files, and AR effects

The content creation point that we mentioned earlier, also provides you with the option of selecting a wide variety of filters, audio/music files that you can add to your video. And to top it all, the AR effects that you can apply to your video will enhance the quality of your video content. 10 IMP Do’s and Don’ts of Public Relations in India.

3. Get your content on the Explore page

If you have an open Instagram account, you get a brilliant opportunity to get featured on the Explore page. Getting your video on the Explore page will not only increase your brand awareness but also will help you get more engagement that could convert into leads. How to Implement Influencer marketing during a pandemic.

4. Increased engagement from your followers

The Instagram algorithm is quite a tricky business to deal with, but with the new feature of Instagram. Reels coming into play, Instagram will do all the things to promote its new feature among its users.

So if you upload a video using that feature, the algorithm will promote its feature by actually promoting your content to more and more of your audience. This will help you get more engagement.

5) A separate section on the Hashtag page

As I mentioned earlier, Instagram will look forward to aggressively promoting its new feature among its users, and that’s why it has created a separate section on the hashtags page to promote itself.

You as a user get an opportunity to feature yourself there and get your content in front of a bigger audience, but only if you use niche specific and relevant hashtags.

If you are a growing brand and looking for an opportunity then you should use Instagram Reels in your content strategy.

Instagram has the highest average engagement rate of all the main social channels, and Instagram reels are like a golden opportunity to promote your branded content.



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