7 Fun Hobbies For Lazy People You Shouldn’t Miss Out.!!

Muskan Jhanwar
5 min readAug 1, 2020


Are you a lazy bone? Do you wish to break the monotony of your daily life? If your answer is “Yes”, there are hobbies for lazy people that will not only give you a break from getting along with the same old rut but will also enable you to have fun even during your downtime. All you need to do is get along with the right hobby ideas to spice up your life.

Put a stop to being a potato couch and say hello to creativity, wellness, and fun in your life. Get started with the fun hobbies given below.

  1. Reading

Reading is one of those harmless indoor hobbies which bring a host of benefits to the table for every individual. Apart from providing an escape to an individual from boredom by engaging them in something meaningful, it also sparks inspiration and creativity in them to learn or do something new.

If page-flipping is not the option you are willing to explore, you can also try out audiobooks. Whether you are on the go or they move, you can not only carry them but also utilize them as and when you want, depending on your preferences. Looking for a cost-effective solution? Consider borrowing a book from the library or downloading eBooks on the internet that are available free of cost.

2. Writing

While you keep writing throughout your school and college days, it is the last thing to pop into your head once you are done with your graduation. You hardly take it seriously unless you are into a job that necessitates you to write reports. It is one of the most inexpensive hobbies which you can think of, though.

Keeping a journal, writing a short story or poetry are fun ways to spread out your specific message to the world. And the best part about it doesn’t take much to get going with this fun hobby for lazy people.

3. Cooking and baking

While some people have a hard time being in the kitchen, some simply relish the prospect of exploring different ingredients to cook palatable dishes. Out of the majority of the creative hobby ideas that you can think about, this one surely comes across as an obvious choice.

With a variety of recipes already available on the internet, you need not worry about turning to or scanning through the pages of a cookbook. Jot down the important points or steps from various resources that are available on the internet and get started with this pick of the hobby ideas associated with the kitchen.

4. Playing board games

No matter how expensive some board games make appear from the outset, the good value for money which these games provide puts the hobby of playing them in the spotlight as one of the most inexpensive hobbies out there. Because most board games do not have any limitations in terms of timing, these games are a great source of entertainment for those who play them.

To assuage the cost factor, make an effort to play these games in a group of at least five friends — the more friends you include, the more cost-effective it can be to you. If possible, check out the classic versions of board games available on the internet. You can get a larger number of these games at hand without burning a hole in your pocket, thereby making it one of the most economical indoor hobbies to invest your time in.

5. Get Artsy

If you have already accumulated the materials like pencils, paper, brushes, and paint, it’s high time you tried your hand at getting artsy. Even if you have not gathered them yet, you can find these items easily at one of the nearby stores. Put all your cost-related concerns at bay as this stuff can be bought at a cheaper price.

If you are into computers, it is even easier to start painting. Subscribe to a reasonably priced program such as Photoshop and go ahead with your agenda of creative hobby ideas in this regard.

6. Learning

How does learning sound to you as a hobby? Chances are you may not have perceived it as a hobby before. But before you jump into a conclusion, hang on a minute. As one of the unique hobbies for people, who do not prefer to move now and then, it can lend you a helping hand in mastering or upgrading yourself with new skills.

If the formal study is not your cup of tea, you can work out your path based on the pace you are comfortable with. As far as the resources for this fun hobby for lazy people are concerned, you can find a plethora of learning resources to continue your pursuit of knowledge.

You can explore the possibilities linked to hiking and walking with just a decent pair of shoes, you would need a bike for biking.

7. Hiking biking or walking

Everyone wants to remain active as it serves as the best medicine to keep one’s body and mind healthy in the long run. Activities such as biking, walking, or hiking make for the unique hobbies that can transform your mood in an instant. If you do not own a bike but want to enjoy the latter in the same way as you do with the other inexpensive hobbies, consider renting a one along with your friend so you can share the expenses.

Have you already developed any of the hobbies for lazy people from the aforementioned list of leisure interests? If you haven’t done it yet, think about getting into one of these fun hobbies to jazz up your life.