7 Tips to Increase Conversions & Sales

Do you wish to increase urgency conversions & sales?

You should consider these 7 tried-and-true tips to increase conversions & Sales.

We’ve all seen FOMO (Fear of missing out) in action online.

Just wonder, You have booked your vacation flight and are about to book a hotel room and a message pops up on the hotel’s website:

“Hurry up! Only 2 rooms left for these dates.”

What would you do?

You will book the hotel to secure one of the remaining rooms.

Start Making people feel as if they are missing out on something or losing a great opportunity — triggering that fear of missing out (FOMO) — is a powerful way to drive conversions and sales.

Dial up your sense of urgency with these 7 tried-and-true tips.

Offer Something that People Want

If your product or service is something that people actively want to begin with there Urgency works.

Are you wondering the same?

If someone isn’t interested in your product, all the finite time offers in the world won’t make them want it.

This is exactly important to keep in mind as you are driving traffic to your site, too.

Sending traffic on broad keywords that don’t speak to intent is a waste of time as well as a waste of money if you are using paid sources to get them to an offer they don’t want.

Set a Deadline

If potential customers get to know there’s no rush to buy your product or service, they will be more likely to put off buying, or they may just forget about it forever.

Create an incentive to take action by running your sales and offers for a lean time.

How to create time pressure?

Use a countdown timer on your site. Show your audience how many days, hours, and minutes are left for them to decide.

Create Scarcity

The scarcer a product or service is, the more audience wants it.

Learn how to highlight and scarce people for your product or service is, or at least create the illusion that it’s about to run out and you can drive your audience to click the Buy button.

For eCommerce businesses, there is a general way to do this. Announce that you only have a limited number of an item left in stock.

Let’s take an example of creating scarcity:

Booking.com inclines up their sense of urgency by making visitors feel as if someone else could book the room they want at an urgent moment.

Keep the Pressure On

Take a look at your sales funnel and see where are you losing the most leads. Then, try to find out how you can increase the urgency of your marketing at these fault-finding points.

For instance, if people leave your site after adding few things to their cart, you could add a countdown timer to your shopping cart page to pop up a notification to people’s phone that your sale ends soon.

Use Numbers

Numbers are a great way to attract people’s attention and make an offer look more stunning.

Use numbers to push a sense of scarcity — for example, “Just 3 more in stock!”

Use the Right Words

Strong ad copy and a compelling call to action can make all the difference, whether your visitors make a purchase or just a click away.

Time-related words specifically help for creating a sense of urgency.

Try including some of these words into your ad copy:

  • Now
  • Hurry
  • One time only
  • Last chance
  • Before it’s gone
  • Clearance
  • Today only
  • Limited time
  • Instant
  • Don’t miss out

Offer a Bonus Incentive

In addition to your main offer, give people an extra incentive so that they act fast.

Let’s look into an example, you might offer free shipping for a limited time, or give your first 10 buyers a free surprise gift.

This skill works well; when layered with other limited-time or FOMO tactics.



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