If you’re on LinkedIn, you should be posting and creating content daily. It used to be the case that people would argue that LinkedIn was all about the slow and steady approach.

Not anymore.

LinkedIn is dynamic and downright exciting that it makes more sense to keep up a high-level posting schedule and to think about reach and engagement regularly.

But it’s not just about posting, and with all social media platforms, you need to think about metrics that need tracking. LinkedIn is no different.

But which metrics do we track? We thought we’d go through a list of ten…

Running out of ideas for new content marketing campaigns?

Do not Worry!

Let us dive you into some quick and easy ways to find more content.

Creating content for social is a fun thing to do, at least for the first few weeks. And then you start to wonder where you can find more content creation ideas. Do not worry, and look at the list below to find some great places to get more content ideas.

Forums for content creation ideas

There are many forums online, including places like Quora, which is big and has millions of questions asked every year.

The best thing about forums like Quora is that you can ask questions and get answers. From a content creation point of view, you can look at the questions is…

A checklist that trains your brain to write poverty-proof content.

The quality of your life depends on the type of questions you ask — are you asking the same questions as successful writers?

The mind of a good writer focuses on writing content the audience wants — that’s the first step towards profitable writing.

So for you to be a successful writer, here are the nine questions you must face to defeat the habits limiting your success.

Do I say stuff the reader won’t care about?

The element of surprise is what readers subconsciously want — they want to hear something they haven’t heard before.

Adding unnecessary fillers to make your writing longer just bores the reader. …

The journey of learning a new language can be pretty fun! Come check out how.

There are lots of known and traditional ways of learning a language out there on the internet. You can easily find tons of online courses, grammar textbooks, websites, and mobile apps.

But, let’s be honest, most of these resources are pretty boring and the results take an eternity to show up.

In this article, I will share few tips that helped me learn languages over the years while having a lot of fun.

Therefore, I had to find fun ways to fulfill my desires. And…

For a good firm, it is very crucial to know what their customers want. This survey will help you set an aim for your business. And, your social media accounts can be the best platform to do surveys. The business will never do well if you target the wrong audience. So, before starting any social media marketing project, make sure to filter the audience based on age, location, job, the most favorite social media network, etc.

Social media plays a vital role in enhancing the reach of the business and promotes business growth. Small companies to MNCs have one thing…

Figuring out how to find your writing niche can be great for your business and marketing strategy — however, actually choosing one can be a stressful process. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Stick it out

Choosing an unfamiliar niche may take time before you build authority within that industry. It’s often daunting to learn a new subject. Don’t let the initial learning curve scare you away from a niche that could be highly profitable and interesting after you have invested enough time working on it.

Explore different niches

If you’re 100% convinced a niche isn’t for you, that’s okay. Be comfortable with…

How to choose a writing niche which is interesting profitable too?

A viable freelance writing niche ideally meets three criteria:

It fits your experience and background, you find it interesting and a large market demand exists.

If you’ve been writing across multiple industries, you may be thinking about specializing in your services and finding a niche. This is a good move — many business owners and decision-makers want to work with specialists rather than generalists.

But figuring out how to choose a freelance writing niche is a common struggle, especially among beginner writers. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to b difficult or permanent, either. …

Are you Gazing to hire an SEO writer for your brand?

Do you Know?

The difference between an SEO copywriter and a content writer can affect your campaign success.

Your website is ready for the next level, and it is time to hire an SEO writer to give your content a vital boost and start ranking higher with search engines.

But should you hire a content writer or a copywriter?

Is there even a difference? They are both writing for SEO purposes, so does it matter?

Yes, it does.

Both SEO content writing and copywriting have to do with the words on the page, but they each serve their distinct purpose.

And this distinction helps you determine which method you need to employ to achieve the desired results.

Confusing the…

Pro Tips

There is seemingly no end to advise on how to empower company websites and increase businesses’ online visibility, regardless if your site focuses on wedding videos or vintage clothing.

With the world being logged in, some tips are only natural to keep in mind. Let’s break down some simple pro tips to grow your business overnight:

  • Make your website mobile-ready. Use larger fonts and smaller (but high-quality) images.
  • Update your credentials regularly. Keep your; contact us page evergreen.
  • Make a testimonials page. Ask your clients to provide feedback.
  • Create eye-catching and informative content. …

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