Muskan Jhanwar

He brewed so many coffees and cashed innumerable bills. Yet, he never owned a brewing machine.

He was a waiter, more like a lover of a drink with Chinese origins. A steamer was sitting on his wishlist for quite some time now. As his thoughts danced on the aroma of the coffee, he went out for a break. He counted the drip-feed of his savings. Yes, it was enough.

On his tea break, as he said, “Bhatia, Ek masala chai dena”, his order for a steamer was a success.



I am a woman

So are you

What this fuss

What is it is all About?

Of betraying

Each other

Getting blinded

In the race

Do we really

Need that?

I don’t think so

Why shall we

Degrade, hate,

Abuse and lie

To each other?

We shouldn’t

We mustn’t

We are women

Pride is in our eyes

So fuck the game of lies

With no fear and disguise

Let’s celebrate us

Let’s hold our hands tight

To see another day

With a bright light

Let’s leave any race

That segregates

Our views, mind, and spirit.