Do you wish to increase urgency conversions & sales?

You should consider these 7 tried-and-true tips to increase conversions & Sales.

We’ve all seen FOMO (Fear of missing out) in action online.

Just wonder, You have booked your vacation flight and are about to book a hotel room and a message pops up on the hotel’s website:

“Hurry up! Only 2 rooms left for these dates.”

What would you do?

You will book the hotel to secure one of the remaining rooms.

Start Making people feel as if they are missing out on something or losing a great opportunity —…

Are you looking for new keywords or to improve your writing style?

Digital marketing professionals know all about trends that move fast in the industry and applying best practices in SEO and digital marketing is a lot easier with the assistance of helpful tools.

It can be massive trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

Trying to stay up to date?

Let’s Discover the 5 best Chrome extensions for digital marketing to boost your efficiency and productivity right within your browser.

Headline Studio by CoSchedule

Headline Studio by CoSchedule is a Chrome extension designed to help marketers optimize their headlines, suggest better words…

Most interior design pundits opine that the pieces of furniture in a room should be in proper alignment with its walls. However, it may not be the case all the time.

This pattern may work in a large number of rooms. But sometimes a homeowner may feel the need to change the angle of different pieces of furniture for better ambiance and visual appeal in their living space.

Whether the walls of a room are straight or not, a curved sofa constitutes an ideal option. The ones that possess clean lines and baroque shapes are known to pass the test…

Google is heading to have big plans to turn YouTube into a shopping destination.

A report from Bloomberg indicates that Google is in the early stages of transforming YouTube into a shopping site.

These changes would enable consumers to directly purchase items they see in product review videos, unboxing videos, tutorials, and so on.

YouTube is already a shopping destination of sorts, as research has told that 55% of consumers use videos to make purchase decisions.

But when consumers want to purchase a product they have to leave YouTube and visit another site to place the order.

Google is heading…

Facebook and Instagram are combining their messaging services to allow for cross-platform communication.

Facebook is bringing the best of Messenger to Instagram DMs, which will allow users on both platforms to seamlessly connect.

In addition to cross-platform messaging, a total of 10 new features are coming to Instagram DMs.

Users can choose to update immediately or delay the update to a later time.

If you’re eligible for the update you’ll see the following prompt upon opening Instagram:

Here’s more about the new features and the changes you can expect if you choose to update now.

New Features Coming to Instagram Direct Messaging

These are all the new…

Instagram’s new mini-site contains helpful guides for small businesses.

Instagram is launching a mini-site full of new resources created to help small businesses get the most out of Instagram Shops.

Instagram Shops is a feature launched back in May that allows businesses to set up an online storefront for free.

Payments are facilitated through several e-commerce partners, but transactions can be completed without users leaving the Instagram app.

To help businesses navigate this new tool, and learn how to best utilize it with their Instagram page, a selection of resources are now available.

‘The Season for Shops’ Mini-Site

Instagram’s new mini-site is designed for businesses…

A new article explains three things that Google uses for selecting web pages to rank for featured snippets.

In this article, I am explaining about the role of time and place (geographic location) as signals that could trigger featured snippets.

The article was limited to two factors, time and geographic location. The phrase “Critical Context” to describe the importance of those two signals.

Interestingly, the phrase “Critical Context” as a way to describe what the meaning of a surge in particular search queries might mean.

Critical context is a word used in literary studies to describe the process of understanding…

Struggling to gain more attention of your social media audience?

With 3.8 billion users, social media platforms have placed you in front of a huge audience.

But does your audience love your content?

Because it’s one thing to be seen by them.

It’s another to get their wholehearted support.

Plus, social media platforms were created for connections, not selling.

To gain your attention of your audience, you need to compete against posts from their friends, DMs from their family, and tons of cute cat photos.

Show, Don’t Tell

Ever stopped scrolling on social media just to read a huge wall of text?


Pinterest is launching its “biggest updates for creators yet,” which includes a suite of features and the debut of stories.

The company states in an announcement:

“These new updates will give a chance to creators not only easily publish immersively but also expansive stories directly to Pinterest and reach Pinners looking for inspirational ideas and people to follow.”

Pinterest Story Pins

It was only a matter of time before Pinterest introduced its version of stories, a feature that is now ubiquitous throughout all social media.

Remember school when those colorful books that were full of pictures and illustrations which attracted us more than the generic black and white books? Well, Visual Design works in the same way. Graphics are much easier to understand and are remembered than words. With the creative usage of illustrations, photography, typography, space, layouts, as well as color. Visual design is created for an enhanced user interface.

Sometimes Visual Design is considered as another term for User Interface design. It is a hybrid of UI design and graphic design but has its different place in the world of digital design. It…

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